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How to Groom Your Beagle

I know I’ve talked about keeping your beagle healthy and happy on several occasions, but a recent incident has me bringing it up again.  You wouldn’t think grooming would be a health issue, but it’s extremely important.

I noticed Sammi chewing on her front leg recently.  At first, I thought she had ticks or something like that.  When I looked closely at her paw, I didn’t see anything that looked like a bug.  She continued licking and chewing on her paw so I looked again.  I realized that the nail on her dew claw must be a little longer than she wanted it to be, so she was basically chewing her nails!  I also noticed that the nail had split.  After a quick clip, Sammi has stopped chewing.  I never thought nail clippers could be a part of a first aid kit.  But the split nail was definitely causing Sammi stress and needed to be dealt with.

Grooming your beagle is more than just making sure it looks nice.  During this time of the year, it’s important to be aware of your dog’s grooming.  Some things to watch for if you take your beagle:

  • For a walk in the woods, check for ticks after the outing. 
  • For a walk on a country road, check for burrs or small stones that may be trapped between the pads of the paws.
  • Swimming, check for water in its ears.  The area under the ear flap is susceptible to infections if water is left in there.

Basic grooming will make sure that there’s nothing causing irritation or discomfort to your favorite buddy.  So, make sure your first aid kit for your dog includes nail clippers and tweezers.