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How Do I Get My Beagle to Stop Chewing?

Beagle puppy chewing

Jesse chews on a toy, for a change

Am I the only person that thought dogs stopped chewing things once they got through puppyhood?  I’ve had beagles before; I don’t ever remember them chewing anything other than the bones we gave them.  I’m now the lucky owner of not one, but two heavy chewers!

Since we don’t have a fenced in backyard yet, we use our sun porch as Sammi and Jesse’s dog run.  It has a tile floor and walls of windows on two walls so they can see what’s happening and have plenty of room to play.  The wicker furniture on my sun porch was once my mother-in-law’s pride and joy.  It’s no longer in pristine condition.  Sammi and Jesse considered the wicker an excellent chew toy.  So, now we’ve sprayed it with bitter apple to discourage the chewing. 

According to the books I’ve read, chewing is a normal, natural dog activity, right up there with digging and barking.  Other books point out that some dogs chew out of stress or boredom, as well.  Sometimes, dogs will chew your shoes or clothing because your scent comforts them.  Chewing gives them something to do.  I’m lucky neither of my beagles chews my shoes, but that’s about the only thing they don’t chew.  They’ve chewed the throw rugs and the edge of the carpet (Why do you think we have tile in the sun porch now?).  They chew the towels we leave to dry them off if they’re out in the rain.  They chew their leashes if we leave them on the table.  I’m concerned because not everything is designed to be a beagle chew toy.  Small pieces of wicker or plastic can get stuck in their throats and cause serious damage.

I check the same books for advice on how to get them to stop chewing.  The books say to give them something appropriate to chew on.  My beagles have more chew toys than a pet store.  They have rawhide chews and rubber chews.  They have nylon bones and heavy plastic bones.  They have plush chew snakes, raccoons, and foxes.  I can’t give them tennis balls to chew on because Jesse has a tendency to chew the felt cover off. 

So, if your beagles chew like mine, stock up on chew toys they like, and a BIG bottle of bitter apple to spray what you don’t want them to chew.

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